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We create apps that cover the entire pregnancy lifecycle and beyond! Whether you're a new parent looking for helpful advice, or a seasoned parent looking for new ways to look after your kids, we've got an app for you!

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Created by Parents

Beautiful, easy-to-use and optimised for user happiness - make sure you're using the apps you deserve. We combine high quality development and slick design to build apps that parents love.

Professional Advice

Behind our products and advice are years of professional experience. Our resident midwife has been working with families for over 30 years, so you can rely on all advice provided in our apps.

You Care, We Care

We know how important your kids are to you; after all, we're parents too! Creating apps that support your everyday lifestyle and deliver benefit rather than headaches is what we're all about.

iOS and Android

Our apps work across the majority of devices and are available on the iTunes and Android stores. We spend time making sure they work on phones and tablets, so no matter what device(s) you use, our apps will work!

Peace-of-mind Security

Securing your data is a hot topic right now. Instead of inventing yet-another-way to keep data secure, we reverted to temporary data storage of 'essential data only' for the current app session. As soon as you end the session, all data is immediately removed!

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Stork Apps create quality mobile apps for parents, delivering professional advice from midwives and health visitors. Many years of experience working with families just like yours have gone into our products.

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